BioFusion  Corporation

BioFusion Corporation

Businesses and corporations today are becoming more and more aware and concerned with the health hazards of cleaning agents imposed on their employees and customers. Consequently, they are also becoming aware of their business’s environmental impact. Not surprisingly, this new trend in thinking has led to a boom in the availability of “green” cleaning products.

BioFusion products go above and beyond the green cleaning technology available today. They not only make use of organic and naturally occurring fragrances, colors and surfactants, its advanced technology utilizes a unique combination of cell-free proteins, bio-surfactants, emulsifiers, organic stabilizers, and minerals to catalyze the natural degradation of organic pollutants at a greatly accelerated rate.

The secret is our bio-based formulation made up of special organic proteins that supercharge the cleaning and sanitizing abilities of our surfactants. This gives us the ability to avoid harmful chemicals and reduce the amount of surfactant needed to clean quickly and efficiently. This reduces cost while increasing worker safety and lessening environmental impact.  

Every microbial or sanitizing agent, while effective in removing pathogens, leaves behind residues that form the underlying nutrient source for recontamination. These microscopic nutrients are what grow back on surfaces and in sponges, rags and wipes. These nutrients feed and promote growth of pathogens, bacteria, and microscopic contaminants. BioFusion products do not leave behind the residues of traditional detergents, chemicals, and sanitation agents. This advancement in cleaning technology produces a much deeper clean, leaves no toxic chemical by-products, or the nutrients for pathogenic growth.

The cleaning performance advantages of BioFusion products over all other competing green, or traditional chemistries, is attributed to the bio- oxidating breakdown and removal of these microscopic nutrients, as well as bio-films (microorganisms and the slime layer they live in) and other fats, oils, and grease (FOG)-type waste. The virtually instantaneous catalytic breakdown (bio-degradation) of the waste contaminants provides a powerful bio-remediation mechanism that enhances both soil removal and sanitation through natural bio-oxidation. The breakdown of bio-films eliminates the entrapment of potentially dangerous pathogens and/or spores like: Anthrax, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus Aurous (Staph, Salmonella Choleraesuis, Pseudomonas, or other selected viruses. It also dramatically blocks the formation of odors.

In summary, not only do BioFusion products utilize naturally occurring chemicals to remove soils, it rapidly catalyses and biodegrades soils, pathogens and microscopic contaminants leaving a clean and healthy surface. They are so effective, safe for humans, animals, and the environment that governmental agencies use it for cleaning. Additionally, BioFusion products are used by wastewater treatment plants for its ability to improve water and remove contaminants but most importantly, its ability to positively impact downstream ecosystems.

BioFusion products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-caustic, non-irritating, and non-allergenic and biodegradable (tested for over 15 years). They are also certified by NSF to be used around food and food preparation areas. By utilizing BioFusion products, businesses and corporations can feel at ease knowing they are effectively cleaning their home without threatening the health of the community and lessening their business’s environmental footprint
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