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About Us

     In 2006, David Gubb began working with the formulation originators to help sell their wastewater treatment product as well as other formulations for grease trap, pool and hydrocarbon remediation.  This is when it was decided to create "green" industrial cleaning product for MSC Industrial Supply, Inc. called Natures Solution™.   The response to the cleaning properties of the formulation was tremendous.  It was able to clean extremely difficult dirt, soils, grease and other hydrocarbons that usually need harsh solvents and other toxic chemicals. 

     Although the product was selling well, many government agency customers began requesting Green Seal certification.  This is when BioFusion began working with several different agencies to certify and register its products as a “green” and safe product.  With the help of organizations like USDA BioPreferred, USDA-NSF, Green Seal, and the EPA’s Design for the Environment program, the company found cleaner, safer chemistries to use in conjunction with the nutrient and protein yeast fermentation.   At this crossroads, Mr. Gubb split off from the original scientists and began formulating  products with state-of-the-art chemistries that were the most sustainable, most biodegradable, with low-toxicity and non-hazardous to workers, on the market today.  

     That’s when BioFusion Corporation was started with a mission to use simple formulations with the best and safest chemistries available.  Fortunately, because of the amazing ability of the protein and nutrient package, the company are able to use milder greener formulations without losing efficacy of the products.

     BioFusion continues to work with a toxicologist, and chemists to help with formulating and certifying our product line with the NSF (certifying body of the USDA), Green Seal, USDA BioPreferred program, and will be working with the EPA’s Design for the Environment. We are also on the EPA NCP list as a Surface Washer to be used for National Disaster Clean Ups on both land and water. Which means this product can be used on both large and small spills anywhere in the USA.  We use the website Cleangredients to help chose chemistries that pass the most stringent environmental and human health safety attributes and we will continue to update our formulations as better chemistries become available. We will always make are products better and better. That is our assurance to our customers as well as to ourselves.


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