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One of the amazing things BioFusion does is breakdown whatever it comes in contact with so it renders disease, germs, viruses and bacteria to nothing harmful or to its organic harmless chemical by products. A customer wanted to see how well we would do as a disinfectant so they sent our product to an independent laboratory for testing. The results are amazing as we do not classify ourselves as a disinfectant, but with an actual cleaner clean then a product sold as a disinfectant.

We were tested for the following organisms:

Challenge Organisms:

Staphylococcus aureus ATCC # 6538

Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC # 9027

Salmonella cholerasuis ATCC # 10708

Staphylococcus aureus MRSA ATCC # 43300

These organisms are the most prevalent health issues affecting our society every day. Staph, which kills so many people from infection at hospitals and MRSA Staph which every year causes so many people to miss work and children to miss school. The tests show that after 10 minutes we kill (eliminate) over 99% of the MRSA. This virus is why every school, office building or hospital has the alcohol hand cleaners hanging on the wall. The issue with the alcohol hand cleaners is they are harmful to our skin and some people are allergic. The alcohol also evaporates quickly leaving the dead virus on your skin. Our product just stays on you and keeps on working without affecting or irritating your skin

EPA National Contingency Plan

The NCP list is a listing of products that the EPA approves to be used as part of its EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT disaster clean ups or remediation program. BioFusion is on the list. The testing involved to getting this listing is very difficult. The results of the test state that your product is safe and environmentally friendly to be used in water and on land. It also states that it is safe to be used around the most sensitive aquatic life and vegetation.

We currently are specifically on the Surface washing agent list. We are also going to work on being put on the Bio-remediation agent list.

NCP Product Schedule

EPA maintains the NCP Product Schedule, which lists the following types of products that are authorized for use on oil discharges: NCP Technical Notebook (see our listing on page 147)

·   Dispersants

·   Surface washing agents

·   Surface collecting agents

·   Bioremediation agents

·   Miscellaneous oil spill control agents


















NSF International is The Public Health and Safety Company™, providing public health and safety risk management solutions to companies, governments and consumers around the world.

NSF International has partnered with the GreenBlue Institute and CleanGredients® to perform third-party reviews of surfactant ingredients. Once successfully reviewed, surfactants may be listed on the CleanGredients website, the industry resource for formulators.

NSF reviews ingredient formulations for aquatic toxicity and biodegradability using criteria defined by the U.S. EPA DfE (Design for the Environment) Program, which designates surfactants with especially positive environmental characteristics. (This is another certification we are currently working on.)


CleanGredients.org is an online database of institutional and industrial (I&I) cleaning ingredients that:


Helps formulators identify ingredients that have potential environmental and/or human health and safety benefits.

Provides an opportunity for manufacturers and producers of cleaning ingredients to showcase their ingredients with potential environmental and/or human health and safety benefits.

BioFusion already has the NSF certifications and actually were able to use some of the tests that had  been preformed for Green Seal.  The Company also modified some of the ingredients used so that they are now all CleanGredients. This certification is critical for environments that pertain to food preparation areas and equipment used to process food and food processing areas.  It is also used by restaurants, fast food places, cafeterias and poultry farms

Green Seal Certification

Green Seal offers certification for the products, services, and companies that meet Green Seal standards. The Green Seal mark represents compliance with a rigorous set of criteria designed to achieve leadership levels in sustainability. Those that have been certified have met the same performance and quality requirements you would expect from the traditional, non-green counterparts due to the performance criteria in each of the Green Seal standards. Green Seal certification is not just a “one-time deal”. Companies establish an ongoing commitment to health and the environment through annual compliance monitoring and work towards continuous improvement.

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